About the Artist

In my studio at my potter's wheel.During my three decades as a ceramic artist, much of my work has been creating functional vessels. I do this because I love the idea of people using my creations in their daily lives . . . a clay mug for morning coffee, a hand-thrown bowl filled with popcorn or ice cream. This simple act of using one of my vessels reflects that someone cared enough to create a vessel from clay, and someone else cared enough to purchase and use this unique vessel . . . establishing a circle of energy between clay, beauty, creator, admirer.My quest as an artist is to explore color, shape, texture. I do that through working in clay . . . creating beautiful and functional vessels. I am energized by using everyday vessels such as mugs, bowls, jars and plates that I make as well as vessels other artists create.

It is my hope that through my work in the arts, the world we live in is more peaceful and beautiful.


  • MFA Indiana State University – Assistant Art Professor
  • St. Mary of the Woods
    Studio Potter and Retreat Director
  • Indianapolis
    Member of the Indiana Potter’s Guild

Permanent Collections

Sisters of St. Joseph Wheeling, WV
Indiana State University Terre Haute, IN
St. Mary-of-the-Woods St. Mary of the Woods, IN

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